Ian Brown

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Also just seen Ian Brown, outside Selfridges on Oxford St, London. What a face! In real life it is as striking as on pictures. Scrubby, wild, hairstyle helps, alright, it’s a given, but that face-structure is something that makes you wonder, how was it all put together! He looked at me, sympathetic,  juggling a small yellow shopping bag from London’s coolest department store.. and of course, I had nothing to say (what? ask for a Stone Roses reunion at this summer’s festivals? – Um.. nooo!). Well, at least you recognize, that everyone is always in London, and it’s just up to an open eyes to get a good look at those famous faces! Even, as always, I didn’t dare to take a picture.. sorry!


Model’s own

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Boy meets girl, dressed down, off-duty.. two excellent examples. Love the key-chain and the black denim cut-offs! What do you think?

News from Celebville

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One of the top “I wish I could have taken a picture of this!” – moments of recent times, occurred as I stepped off the Eurostar on my return to London. I left the building for the obligatory traveler’s cigarette, and spotted a pretty girl. Looked at her for a second, nice long blond mane, feminine curves, dressed down.. “Who knows?” – I thought, “I could scout her to be a model”. No need. On second look, I recognized her boyfriend as former modeliser and fabulous funnyman, David Walliams, the girl in question being the lovely Miss (still Miss, but soon-to-be Mrs W) Lara Stone. They were soooo cuuute! She was in a middle of telling stories of her recent trip, animated and intense, having just stepped off the train herself to the all-ears David, who apparently came to pick her up from the station.

Cigarette in hand, wearing a figure-hugging cardi, well-worn skinny jeans and ballet flats (I was spying behind my fag) she even asked for a lighter from a couple of guys standing by. So cool. And, such a lovey-dovey couple, believe me. Upon leaving she looked at me, as models always do (or colleagues, in fact), and boy, did I understood the magic about her. You cannot help, but be amazed by the perfect work of God, no less, sometimes!

It was the perfect closing of my Paris trip and a kind of round of applause to love, spring-time and a big laugh in the faces of the stubborn tabloids. Bravo, bravo!

Paris, Gare du Love

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What you have to know about a Jewish wedding ceremony, that it ain’t co-ed. So, celebrating love, you cannot sit next to your loved one (being straight, that is – again, gay people have all the fun!). Another thing is , that the synagogue ceremony is a family affair, hollering, kids running around, cameras clicking away,  the congregation chatting and switching places. Nothing strict, compared to where I come from. Way it should be!

Even cooler, girls don’t have to wear anything to cover their head, unlike the guys on the other side. Hair remaining intact is more important to girls, God knows. The event is longish, but never boring, with all kinds of highlights getting the crowd cheering, such as showing off the wedding ring to applause of the romantics, displaying, what I call the wedding contract for general approval and of course, the crashing of a glass, which gathers the biggest cheers – also signaling the end of the get-together.

The feast what followed the love-fest was a mixture of making new friends, while fighting them at the buffet. It was useless, as there was a full-on sit-down lunch, and the buffet proved to be just an appetizer selection, not that I was capable of eating much more after looting everything else before.. The setting and service was impeccable at the location of all this, at the Grand Hotel by the parisian Opéra. A classical band provided the step-filler for the family, hugs, tears of joy and cheers followed. To top it all off, more kids’ messing around to everyone’s entertainment, culminating in them attacking the piano and taking tips from the beautiful bride for their once-ti-come big day.

All in all one doesn’t get much time with the couple, themselves, but those precious minutes you’ll remember forever. So let love rule, wishing all the best for the lovely lovebirds who went all the way!


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From Penang, via Kuala Lumpur and its mad-low duty-free prices (got fabulous whitening creams – usually Asian girl’s reserve), I stretched out under four seats (not once run over by the steward-cart!) all the way to London (LHR T4 is a disaster – waited 50 minutes for my luggage, come on guys). Then through the Friday afternoon traffic with a poor marketing manager’s hired car, which I hijacked in desperation to reach my Eurostar service to Paris. All you motorists, you are heroes to me to brave that traffic! Entered St Pancras at last call and could put everyone’s worries to rest by finishing the last leg of my 24 hr journey to my husbands arms to attend an all-out Jewish wedding! About which, read my next blog! Ha!

Ping Penang Pong

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Been away in Penang, Malaysia for a big, corporate conference. Aka a trip into the minds and social conduct of the highly educated and talented, who use words like “postwash” for conditioner and don’t know who Agyness Deyn is.. I felt so useless! All this in the environment of super-hard-working locals, who adore and respect their jobs. The likes of a foot therapist who smiles for the whole 40 minutes while he massages your feet under the 40C sun. For peanuts. Absolutely wow.

Deliberating what to include. On the way, more and more. On. The. Way. Stay tuned. xx

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