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March 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

One of the top “I wish I could have taken a picture of this!” – moments of recent times, occurred as I stepped off the Eurostar on my return to London. I left the building for the obligatory traveler’s cigarette, and spotted a pretty girl. Looked at her for a second, nice long blond mane, feminine curves, dressed down.. “Who knows?” – I thought, “I could scout her to be a model”. No need. On second look, I recognized her boyfriend as former modeliser and fabulous funnyman, David Walliams, the girl in question being the lovely Miss (still Miss, but soon-to-be Mrs W) Lara Stone. They were soooo cuuute! She was in a middle of telling stories of her recent trip, animated and intense, having just stepped off the train herself to the all-ears David, who apparently came to pick her up from the station.

Cigarette in hand, wearing a figure-hugging cardi, well-worn skinny jeans and ballet flats (I was spying behind my fag) she even asked for a lighter from a couple of guys standing by. So cool. And, such a lovey-dovey couple, believe me. Upon leaving she looked at me, as models always do (or colleagues, in fact), and boy, did I understood the magic about her. You cannot help, but be amazed by the perfect work of God, no less, sometimes!

It was the perfect closing of my Paris trip and a kind of round of applause to love, spring-time and a big laugh in the faces of the stubborn tabloids. Bravo, bravo!


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