Paris, Gare du Love

March 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

What you have to know about a Jewish wedding ceremony, that it ain’t co-ed. So, celebrating love, you cannot sit next to your loved one (being straight, that is – again, gay people have all the fun!). Another thing is , that the synagogue ceremony is a family affair, hollering, kids running around, cameras clicking away,  the congregation chatting and switching places. Nothing strict, compared to where I come from. Way it should be!

Even cooler, girls don’t have to wear anything to cover their head, unlike the guys on the other side. Hair remaining intact is more important to girls, God knows. The event is longish, but never boring, with all kinds of highlights getting the crowd cheering, such as showing off the wedding ring to applause of the romantics, displaying, what I call the wedding contract for general approval and of course, the crashing of a glass, which gathers the biggest cheers – also signaling the end of the get-together.

The feast what followed the love-fest was a mixture of making new friends, while fighting them at the buffet. It was useless, as there was a full-on sit-down lunch, and the buffet proved to be just an appetizer selection, not that I was capable of eating much more after looting everything else before.. The setting and service was impeccable at the location of all this, at the Grand Hotel by the parisian Opéra. A classical band provided the step-filler for the family, hugs, tears of joy and cheers followed. To top it all off, more kids’ messing around to everyone’s entertainment, culminating in them attacking the piano and taking tips from the beautiful bride for their once-ti-come big day.

All in all one doesn’t get much time with the couple, themselves, but those precious minutes you’ll remember forever. So let love rule, wishing all the best for the lovely lovebirds who went all the way!


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