Jobbing Fashion Fiends

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It seems like this is the time for fashion celebrities to take over from models covering just as influential magazines as themselves. All aces of their trades, all adding ‘cover star’ to their credentials. Franca Sozzani, chief editor of Vogue Italia, was snapped beaming at Terry Richardson for Industrie #4, styled by Katie Grand, who, by the way would both deserve their own cover as well. But first, let’s just indulge in her ‘Franca Confidential” story as much as we can.
Model turned media mogul, ‘Miss Powerhouse’ Tyra Banks brings her high brow attitude to I Love You, her first fashion mag fronting in three years (photagraphed by Marcus Gaab) and titled the ‘Wrong Issue”.
Styling supernova and art director du jour Nicola Formichetti bigs up L’Officiel Homme Korea, bringing his ‘Love, Sex Magic’ out for a ride on the pages, donning some soft drama, accessorizing with a butterfly on the image by Branislav Jankic (or it’s just got in his eye?).,,,,,,,,

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New Kid on the Block

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Debutant men’s mag, SID features a few friends of mine, so here’s a bit of tribute to the crew. Sweetest stylist in the world, Alexandra Carl has put together the ‘Enter The Void’ story with the all allure Mr Andrej Pejic. He dives into avant garde hairsculptor, Charlie Le Mindu’s creations, pre-escalating future sales of SID’s issue number one. Photographed by Henrik Bulow.


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Viv’s visit out at Occupy

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Cool queen on her own right, the one and only Dame Vivienne Westwood has proved her anti-establishment credentials this weekend as she returned to the Occupy London protest outside London’s St Paul’s Cathedral.
She was quoted as saying “What you’re doing, I think it’s wonderful” to hundreds of protesters.
The mother of punk, fittingly has arrived to the site with her sons, Ben Westwood and Joseph Corré, for the second time since the anti-capitalist camp has set up more than two months ago. The constant resistant also talked about her climate change concerns, declaring the issue as “connected completely to the financial situation”.














Créme de La Carmen

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A case study in longevity and lush experience and a relief from aging woes, the forever feline Carmen Dell’Orefice has unveiled the first exhibition dedicated to her extraordinary endurance. Carmen: A Life in Fashion opened last night in the London College of Fashion’s Fashion Space Gallery. And indeed this is fashion over fashion. Starting out at the age of 13, her unique, 66 year career is documented by a collection of images, promising a chic history class showcasing the fabulous past we all long for.

Carmen, the iconic beauty has been through it all, yet she puts the secret of endurance simply: “Show up for the job,” she said. “Be careful of the company you keep and have fun…If it’s not fun, it’s no fun!”.
But by the look of it, Carmen and her crew made a perfect match, and she still manages to show up for the job, and at 80 that truly is the stuff of legend.

(Curated by David Downton, from November 16 to January 14, 2012)

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Moist, murky mesmerism

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In London’s South Bank, the Wapping Project Bankside has inaugurated a multi-artist exhibition last week, offering the art of, among others, the Slovenian photographer, Peter Koštrun. His pictures take you away into the abyss, or rather the misty countryside, and despite not seeing too much, the murky, moist landscapes mesmerize, as you try to make out what’s looming in the heavy air. It might be just me or the wine served at the private viewing, combined with my love for all things elusive, I seriously admired the images depicting the undepictable, the raw emptiness, the vast nothing. The pictures, served as a series, have calming effect calling for quiet contemplation.
Peter has been featured in the latest edition of Paris Photo and has exhibited in the Venice Biennale of Architecture and MadridFoto.








The exhibition runs until the 14th January 2012.

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